Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Yorkville Sound

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Yorkville Sound

Yorkville SA153 Synergy Series 3-Way Full Range Active Loudspeaker

    Balance Power And Flexibility With The Yorkville SA153 Synergy Series 3-Way Full Range Active Loudspeaker

    Never before has a powered point source array been so flexible and powerful, and never before has a technologically advanced system been so easy to use.


    The Synergy Array Series is a truly revolutionary active point source system with unmatched flexibility, power, and directivity control. The Synergy System offers users unrivaled simplicity without sacrificing sonic performance.

    The Synergy Array Series consists of the SA153 full-range powered cabinet, along with the SA315S powered subwoofer. This dynamic duo makes the ultimate point source speaker system scale-able for club gigs of all sizes, outdoor festivals, inclined seating venues, and arenas. Never before has a large point source system with this much output and sound quality been this easy to set up and use.


    The unique geometry of the patented Paraline Lens is capable of producing a precisely shaped wave front that matches the horn's physical coverage pattern. It does this while providing a continuous horn throat from cabinet to cabinet on the horizontal plane. This virtually eliminates the comb filtering usually associated with traditionally arrayed cabinets. The Paraline Lens is fed by a high output mid-high driver which results in seamless coupling and a matching coverage pattern.


    The Synergy Horn configuration of the Paraline Lens coupled with a single 15-inch high output woofer seamlessly couples the output from both drivers while performing as a true point source. The horn utilizes the entire front area of the cabinet maximizing efficiency and directivity control.