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Yamaha MX88 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation Keyboard

Get A Full Size Weighted Key Workstation And Synthesizer With The Yamaha MX88 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation Keyboard

The new Yamaha MX88 music synthesizer is the complete solution for the modern piano player, aspiring music producer and live performer. Boasting a realistic piano touch -- thanks to over 100 years of piano manufacturing experience -- MX88 features an 88-note weighted keyboard, modern synthesizer technology and easy connectivity to computers and iOS devices. The new MX88 improves on the previous generation by adding a class compliant USB/audio interface, FM essential compatibility and 128 not polyphony. It is smaller and lighter than its predecessor and now contains an aux line input and improved sample content.



FM Essential is a free iOS synthesizer app featuring technology from the DX100, TX81Z and V50. It has 10 preset Voices, built-in effects, a step sequencer, drum patterns and more.

By connecting an iOS device to an MX synthesizer a FULL VERSION becomes available. The full version comes with an additional 261 Voices AND the ability to save Voices. MX BK/BU/WH integration further allows direct FM Essential control and audio monitoring. 


First, download the free version of FM Essential to your iOS device, then visit your authorized Yamaha dealer and connect your iOS device to a Yamaha MX synthesizer. This unlocks the FULL VERSION of FM Essential. Once unlocked, FM Essential stays unlocked on your device – even when the MX is no longer connected! That's right, you can walk out of the store with FULL VERSION of FM Essential. But you might want to stay and have some fun playing with the MX!

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