Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Yamaha

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Yamaha

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 4 Piece Drum Set Shell Pack - Classic Walnut

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    Get Consistently Desireable Sound Across All Dynamic Ranges With The Yamaha Hybrid Maple Drum Sets

    When Yamaha set about designing the Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple Drum, they started with the most important aspect of a musical instrument, the sound. They wanted these new Yamaha drums to perform at all dynamic levels. From a whisper to a thunder, a drum should respond to the drummer’s touch, allowing them to express their every emotion. We then considered other characteristics of a great drum. It should feel good to play, it should be a thing of beauty to the eye, and has to withstand the rigors of years of performance.

    Over three years, several prototypes were put to the test, enlisting the help of the Yamaha roster of artists in virtually every genre--some of the most critical ears in the industry. Yamaha promises you will hear that they succeeded in creating an instrument that drummers can express their every thought, every feeling and creative idea that comes to them. An instrument that is a thing of beauty to the ears and the eyes and that will last for generations.

    Hybrid Maple Shell

    The new Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Drum Series inherits the hybrid shell technology found on our flagship PHX Series. On Yamaha Absolute Hybrid shells, the design consists of a core ply of wenge a very hard and heavy wood native to Africa, sandwiched between plies of maple, well known for its clear tone. This hybrid design delivers a drum tone that plays rich and clear across the full dynamic range, from pianissimo to fortissimo.

    Hook Lug

    Hook lugs offer quick and easy head replacement, precision tuning, and can readily handle high-tension tuning. Lug bases are designed with a small footprint to maximize tone output from the hybrid shell.


    An evolutionary step up from our YESS IIm tom mount, the YESS III reduces acoustic dampening even further. Allowing the shell to vibrate more freely, the YESS III mount brings out more of the shell’s natural sustain and volume.

    Low-Mass Tom Holder Base

    The tom holder’s light weight and small footprint allows the bass drum shell to vibrate more freely.

    Optimized Bearing Edge

    The bearing edge angle on the Yamaha bass drum differs from the angle used on the tom and snare shells to optimize tonal balance in the drum set. A 45º/R1.5 edge is used on the snare and toms to a balanced tone; while a 30º/ R1.5 edge on the Yamaha bass drum shell brings out more low-end tone for a deeper, more powerful sound.

    Vent Hole

    The vent hole plays an important role in performance, since it affects not only the sensation of hitting the drum (the impact) but also the initial sound, sustain and tone. Through an exhaustive series of prototypes, YAMAHA has discovered the optimal number and vent hole position depending on the air capacity of each shell. Particularly, vent holes contribute to the enhancement of tone colors in midrange to low-frequency sounds, as well as the control of sustain.

    Vintage finish interior

    Shell interiors are coated with our exclusive "Vintage Natural" finish for enhanced tone and refined looks.

    3.0mm Aluminum Die-Cast Hoops

    Aluminum die-cast hoops deliver a strong tight sound with an extraordinary attack and decay.