Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Taylor Guitars

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Taylor Guitars

Taylor 2010 DN5 Mahogany Acoustic Guitar

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    Evolve Your Style With This Taylor 2010 DN5 Solid Mahogany And Sitka Spruce Dreadnought.The DN series represents Taylor’s evolved, more refined take on the classic dreadnought shape.

    The potent tone flatpickers and strummers love, designed for a hard picking attack with a deep low end with driving rhythms, it maintains overall tonal balance keeping the low end from getting "muddy", and produces a robust voice with low-end power, a snappy midrange, and strong, clear treble notes, retaining the essence of the balanced Taylor sound. The guitar will appeal to flatpickers and lovers of traditional guitar shapes and tones.

    The most traditional of guitar shapes, Bob Taylor has evolved the Taylor Dreadnought over time to honor its enduring sonic heritage yet also refine the look and sound into a more modern package. The Taylor Dreadnought still boasts that powerful dreadnought tone that old school pickers expect, with deep lows and crisp highs, but with a voice that, like every Taylor, is more evenly balanced across the entire tonal spectrum. Perhaps more than any other shape, the Dreadnought remains linked with roots music like bluegrass and folk, in part because of its traditional role in defining those sounds. Pickers and strummers with an aggressive attack will love our Dreadnought’s blend of power and articulation, which allows for clear lead lines and crisp, driving rhythms.

    Taylor sources their Sitka Spruce from the coastal rainforests of Alaska and Canada. The soundboard choice for most guitars, Sitka spruce produces a broad dynamic range and accommodates a versatile range of playing styles. The most commonly used wood for guitar tops, Sitka generates a broad dynamic range and accommodates numerous playing styles, from aggressive strumming to fingerpicking.

    As a guitar soundboard, Sitka spruce is the tonewood standard for the modern era. It’s used with nearly all of the guitars that Taylor makes. Its combination of strength and elasticity translates into a broad dynamic range, yielding crisp articulation and allowing for everything from fingerpicking to aggressive strumming and flatpicking. So it's safe to say why Sitka spruce is Bob Taylor’s personal favorite for an all-around great guitar.

    This Tropical Mahogany from Central and South America is well known for its meaty midrange character, featuring a strong fundamental focus that could be described as “punchy,” “woody,” or “dry,” because it doesn’t produce a lot of ringing overtones. 

    It appeals to a broad range of players and musical styles, really anyone who like a well-balanced tone, nice dynamic range and a healthy serving of overtones. This is a good wood to anchor a discussion of tones, as a lot of other wood tones can be described in relation to it. Its essential sonic profile is well represented in the midrange frequencies. Acoustic guitars in general tend to live in the midrange portion of the sound spectrum, but mahogany in particular displays a lot of midrange character. Those great midrange frequencies produce overtones that stack up, giving the sound extra girth.

    Blues and other rootsy players tend to be drawn to mahogany's midrange. A smaller body mahogany guitar might appeal to fingerstyle players, whereas more aggressive flatpickers might opt for a mahogany dreadnought or Grand Symphony sizes. Mahogany’s earthy voice has been featured on many roots music recordings over the years.

    *New Old Stock means this is a new, unsold guitar. It may show extremely minor wear, or the case may have some minor scuffage, but this still carries the full Taylor Lifetime Warranty against factory defect.