Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Taylor Guitars

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Taylor Guitars

Taylor 2009 GSce-LTD-M Grand Symphony Quilted Maple Acoustic Electric Guitar

    Create Something Beautiful With This Taylor 2009 GSCE Fall Limited Grand Symphony Acoustic Electric Guitar - This Beautiful Quilted Maple Back And Sides With Sitka Spruce Top GS Is A Proper Match For Your Musical Creativity.

    In addition to Taylor's standard lineup of guitar models, Taylor periodically crafts special runs of limited edition guitars. These series allow them to offer our customers premium guitars with unique aesthetic appeal, and may be inspired by any number of circumstances, from the acquisition of a rare batch of striking tonewoods to special occasions like a Taylor anniversary or our annual tradition of Fall Limiteds. With each offering of LTDs there is the freedom to design a model from scratch in a way that integrates the woods and appointments into a cohesive whole that gives each LTD series a truly unique identity. In some cases these limiteds embody their latest guitar-making ideas; in others they allow offerings of value-added models at an appealing price point. Always a showcase of of their latest inspiration, Taylor limited editions give Taylor enthusiasts a chance to own a model of great distinction that only a select group of owners will share.

     The Grand Symphony shape joined the line in 2006 and delivers a rich, powerful acoustic voice. Think of it as a Grand Auditorium with a turbo boost, thanks to expanded physical dimensions, including a slightly wider waist and a bigger lower bout. Strummers and pickers with a driving attack will love the fullness, volume and sustain. Yet for such a robust voice, the GS is also clear and responsive to fast picking runs or a light fingerstyle touch, so if you’re a dynamic player, this shape is a true contender. And the big voice doesn’t come at the expense of balance. Taylor’s maple guitars are voiced to bring out greater warmth, richness and sustain. The piano-like bass, meaty midrange, and thick, shimmering highs blend seamlessly. 

    With a slightly larger footprint than the Grand Auditorium, the GS yields a slightly more potent and dynamic all-around sound. Players can expect deeper bass, thicker trebles, and increased volume and low-end sustain, all without disrupting the tonal balance and clarity of the guitar.  If you like a lush, potent guitar tone that has the horsepower to compete with other acoustic cannons out there, the GS shape is a worthy choice.