Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Taylor Guitars

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Taylor Guitars

Taylor 2009 Custom Grand Symphony Acoustic Electric Guitar - Quilted Mahogany With Adirondack Spruce

    Own An Instrument As Unique As Your Style With This Taylor 2009 Custom Grand Symphony ES Acoustic Electric Guitar - Quilted Mahogany Back And Sides And An Adirondack Spruce Top.

     Imagine a Taylor guitar that's uniquely yours, brought to life with Taylor's legendary craftsmanship. This one of a kind was created in 2009, using the Grand Symphony body. The top is Appalachian Spruce, the back and sides are quilted mahogany. Rare and beautiful, this figured mahogany is reserved for limited edition and custom guitars.

    Also known as Eastern red or Appalachian spruce, Adirondack defined guitars of the pre-WWII era. Its availability is beginning to increase slightly, as another generation of trees matures, although they’re still considerably smaller than their old growth forebears. Current supplies of Adirondack tend to lack a certain aesthetic purity of look (they tend to be wider-grained and more irregular in color and grain patterns), but tonally, Adirondack is even more dynamic than Sitka, with a higher ceiling for volume. You can drive this top hard and hear it get louder without losing it's clarity; it’s hard to outplay it.

    The Grand Symphony shape joined the line in 2006 and delivers a rich, powerful acoustic voice. Think of it as a Grand Auditorium with a turbo boost, thanks to expanded physical dimensions, including a slightly wider waist and a bigger lower bout. Strummers and pickers with a driving attack will love the fullness, volume and sustain. Yet for such a robust voice, the GS is also clear and responsive to fast picking runs or a light fingerstyle touch, so if you’re a dynamic player, this shape is a true contender. And the big voice doesn’t come at the expense of balance. The piano-like bass, meaty midrange, and thick, shimmering highs blend seamlessly. These traits also make the GS a great vehicle for 12-Strings. If you like a lush, potent guitar tone that has the horsepower to compete with other acoustic cannons out there, the GS shape is a worthy choice.

    The Venetian cutaway is known for its soft, round lines. The sloping peak of the cutaway will vary depending on the shape of the guitar. The Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, and Grand Symphony have a steeper slope, while the Dreadnought and Jumbo are a bit flatter. Taylor's Grand Concert nylon-string models also feature a subtle, flatter slope, while Taylor's 100 and 200 Series cutaway models incorporate Taylor's flattest slope.

    Finally, the ES pickup itself was designed in-house, right alongside Taylor's acoustic guitars, which allowed them to build the ES seamlessly into the design of the guitar, for an integrated pickup system unlike any other. From the design and location of the body and string sensors to the voicing of the preamp, the ES is fully optimized for sound. The elegant design, including the non-intrusive control knobs, also preserves the aesthetics of the acoustic instrument.