Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Tama

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Tama

Tama Imperialstar 5-Piece 22" Drum Set

Champagne Mist
Burgundy Walnut Wrap
Black Oak Wrap
Vintage White Sparkle
Candy Apple Mist
Hairline Black
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    Start Your Drumming Journey With The Tama Imperialstar 5-Piece 22" Drum Set

    The Imperialstar originally debuted when Tama first set out to create the ultimate affordable, all-in-one drum drum set. Since then, the Imperialstar has established itself as the undisputed industry standard, always evolving and improving to meet the changing needs to beginning drummers.

    Today's Imperialstar stands as a hallmark of Tama's devotion to quality, innovation, and durability. Regardless of how advanced or new you may be as a drummer, the Imperialstar is the smartest and most economical way to find your voice on the drums.

    This is a full drum set and includes all five drums pictured, as well cymbals, stands, drum seat, and a pair of drum sticks.

    Included Drums

    • 22" x 16" Bass Drum
    • 10" x 7" Rack Tom
    • 12" x 8" Rack Tom
    • 16" x 15" Floor Tom
    • 14" x 5" Snare Drum

    Included Cymbals

    • Meinl 14" HCS Hi-Hat Cymbals
    • Meinl 20" HCS Ride Cymbal
    • Meinl 16" HCS Crash Cymbal

    Included Hardware

    • Hi-Hat Stand
    • Single Bass Drum Pedal
    • Boom Cymbal Stand
    • Straight Cymbal Stand
    • Snare Drum Stand
    • Drum Throne

    Included Accessories

    • Double Tom Holder
    • Floor Tom Legs
    • Drum Sticks