Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Tama

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Tama

Tama HH905XP Cobra Clutch

Special Order Item - Please Allow Extra Time For Delivery

    Tama Cobra Clutch (US PAT.NO.7135633) - Tama HH905XP

    The Tama Cobra Clutch is a completely new instrument based on an entirely different concept than the drop clutch or auxiliary hi-hats. Instead of activating the hi-hats with the hands and simply letting the top hi-hat drop on the bottom hi-hat, the Tama Cobra Clutch activates the hi-hats the way they should be: with the feet and with control. Plus the Tama Cobra Clutch has something else a drop clutch doesn't-you can set how closed or open you want the hi-hats cymbal positioned.

    It took our designers two years to perfect the Tama Cobra Clutch. But because they did such a thorough job, it will take you almost no time at all to incorporate the Tama Cobra Clutch into your playing.

    Tama Cobra Clutch Features:

    How To Play

    (A)Lock the Hi-hat

    Use your heel to step on the Locking Plate.

    (B)Release the Hi-hat

    Twist your heel slightly then step on the Release Plate.

    Fine Adjustment

    You can adjust the tightness of hi-hat cymbals in locking position as desired from half open to tight close.

    Tama Cobra Clutch Carrying Case

    The Tama Cobra Clutch comes standard with a form-fitted hardshell carrying case for optimum protection, performance and convenient transport.