Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Tama

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Tama

Tama HC52F Classic Cymbal Stand

    Get Flat-Based Stands Redefined With The Tama HC52F Classic Cymbal Stand

    The designers at Tama created an extremely light-weight, compact stand that provides stable support to allow drummers to lay into cymbals with confidence and enable lightning-quick set-up and tear-down. The classic shape of the Tama HC52F cymbal stand is sure to please vintage drum fanatics who desire the look and performance of pure flat-based stand, but with contemporary functionality.

    Tama designed the Classic Cymbal Stand with the player in mind. The upper rod is solid (a feature appreciated by vintage enthusiasts that provides the cymbal to ring unimpeded by metal mass), and includes a thin "o" ring at the end that eliminates rattle, which vintage stands can be prone to do. Wing nuts are appropriately small, but feel comfortable to the fingers and fine-tooth gear tilter allows for incremental cymbal angles, while holding the cymbal firmly in place.

    Tripod legs fold up against the stand to reduce height for easy transport and the tripod leg rubber tips give an understated, vintage look, that fit snugly onto the leg for consistent stability. The challenge to reinvent the flat-based cymbal stand has been embraced and conquered. Tama's design team captured the essence of the original stand and added fully- functional design contemporary elements that offers the ultimate in set-up, tear-down and performance.