Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Suhr

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Suhr

Suhr Badger 18 Watt Guitar Combo Amp - Cream Tolex

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    Rock Tasteful Nuanced Tone, Without The Metallic Aftertaste - The Suhr Badger 18 Watt Guitar Combo Amp In Cream Tolex 

    When you're chasing after a unique sound that's in your head - but now it wants out - it's really nice there's an amp without that generic "it's the everything in rock for everyone" stylized imprint built into it. Start over again with a responsive amp and a more nuanced tone that actually works with you. See where that goes.

    Since it’s debut, players, artists, and producers alike have made a Suhr Badger their go-to amp for an endless variety of recording and performance applications.

    Presenting a more evolved Badger amplifier with refined look, and an expanded feature set - to bring you the most sophisticated and versatile animal built to date.


    The preamp section includes a high-voltage cascaded MOSFET Boost (footswitchable) to offer a broader range of cleaner and overdriven tones with increased dynamic range, transparency and tactile responsiveness.


    The Suhr Badger is a single channel amp that dynamically interacts with your guitar’s volume control and responds to your playing style. The cathode biased power section lends itself to dynamic, spongey tones and requires no bias adjustment when replacing power tubes.


    POWER: Power Scaling emulates the tonal response of a high wattage amp on 10, at manageable volumes. Power controls the voltage that feeds the output section and in turn, the wattage. As you lower the voltage of the power section you are reducing the amount of signal it can handle before clipping the output section. To compensate for this use the “Drive” control so you can easily scale down to 1 watt without losing tone and feel.

    DRIVE: Feeds the input to the power section. With Power up at 10 it acts as a single volume control. As a rule of thumb, when you turn down the Power always set the Drive control within 2 numbers of the Power setting. If you set the drive lower than the power it will sound brighter, like a “master volume” amp.


    GAIN: Controls the amount of preamp gain by controlling 2 cascading gain stages simultaneously to drive the input stage.

    TONE CONTROLS: Bass, Middle and Treble tone controls for each channel are post-gain and passive cut-style. Start around 5 and dial it in to taste. As you increase Gain and/or Drive try dialing back the Bass to retain clarity and definition in the low-end.

    EFFECTS LOOP: Every Suhr Badger includes a buffered all tube effects loop that works equally well with pedals or line level rack gear.

    All standard models now feature Speaker Output Impedance Selector (4Ω, 8Ω & 16Ω), Standby Switch, New Textured Black Tolex, Black Anodized Aluminium Control Panels, and Solid Aluminium Bead Blasted Script Suhr Logo.