Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Sol Percussion

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Sol Percussion

Sol Percussion USA Pro Cajon

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    Modify sound with a SOL Percussion USA Pro Cajon

    SOL USA Pro Cajon Designed by Akbar Moghaddam and built by SOL Percussion in Southern California, the SOL Percussion USA Pro Cajon is the culmination of months of prototyping, testing, and refining. This is their first proprietary cajon design packs several innovations into one box. Every detail, from the wood selection to how they attach the feet to the number and placement of the the face screws has been meticulously thought out and vetted. At its core, it is a Flamenco-style cajon made from high-grade, Baltic Birch plywood. This particular material was chosen because, unlike most plywoods, SOL Percussion uses hardwood (birch) for both the finish plies and the core which produces a more rigid body. The net result is a SOL Percussion cajon that projects rather than absorbing the sound.

    For most cajons, there is very little you can do to modify the sound - you get what you get. That all changes with the SOL Percussion USA Pro Cajon thanks to the internal baffle system. There are 2 sets of parallel vertical grooves on the inside of the cajon: one set towards the playable side and one towards the resonant side. These grooves hold the internal, adjustable sound baffles (one baffle included with each cajon). The baffle is concave and can be moved from top to bottom. The SOL Percussion cajon responds to even subtle changes in the position of the baffle which allows fine tuning of the sound - perfect for critical situations like the recording studio.

    Another important innovation is SOL's snare design. The wires on the USA Pro Cajon are unique, 8 level, coiled, horizontal snare strands plus a single strand placed in each of the top corners at a 45 degree angle to hold the snare harness in place and to enhance the overall sound. The snare wires are stretched behind the front panel and are replaceable. The net result is a snare sound that is responsive, easy to control, and free of unwanted overtones.

    Other design features include: Scalloped front panel improves playability and comfort Anti-slip, adjustable swivel feet allow the player to tip the SOL Percussion cajon back more securely The swivel feet are secured with an internal nut that prevents them from loosening over time. Front plate screws are positioned for optimal sound adjustment