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Slate Digital VRS8 + ML-2 Small Diaphragm Modeling Microphone 5-Pack


Get Your Hands On The Slate Digital VRS8 + ML-2 Small Diaphragm Modeling Microphone 5-Pack

The VRS8 Virtual Analog Interface changes the playing field, by offering more pro features and technical advancements than any other interface in its class, and at a far lower cost. It features eight VMS Ultra Linear microphone preamps, mastering grade A/D and D/A converters, high-end circuit design featuring boutique op-amps, WIMA capacitors and discrete headphone amplifiers, and the lowest latency of any native solution (down to .7 ms at 96k!). Check out the Keynote Video link above for more information and to hear the VRS8 in action.

The ML-2 microphone is a worthy addition to its big brother the ML-1 (the mic featured in the Virtual Microphone System). It features a similar linear and flat frequency response to its larger sibling - only in a small diaphragm size - which allows the mic to be placed in locations difficult or impossible for a larger mic. With the addition of a side-mounted switch that pads the input circuit and repolarizes the capsule to increase headroom, the ML-2 allows you to utilize both dynamic and condenser emulations on instruments like drums without ever having to change a physical microphone position.

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