Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Sire

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Sire

Sire Marcus Miller V7 Vintage 4 String Electric Bass Guitar - Swamp Ash, Tobacco Sunburst


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    Crafted With The Guidance A Master Player - The Sire Marcus Miller V7 Vintage 4 String Electric Bass Guitar - Swamp Ash, Tobacco Sunburst

    Marcus Miller and SIRE wants to see everyone enjoying and playing music. To make this happen, Marcus Miller and SIRE have been on a mission for past several years to build the best quality bass at a price that is unheard of and make it available to everyone. The result is a new line of Marcus Miller bass models that are awesome sounding, fantastic looking, and high quality but extraordinarily low priced. We are happy that SIRE Marcus Miller basses are now available and anticipate more people to play and enjoy music.


    SIRE preamp is a perfect example that represents Sire's technology and philosophy. With multiple tone controls, you can have total command in finding and getting the tone you want. The use of 18v battery enables the player to attain unaltered natural sound with strong and powerful output. With 3 band EQ, the player can have versatility in sound that can be suited for all occasions of music sessions. All models come with option for active and passive setting. Even in the passive mode, volume, tone, pickup balancer is fully functional, giving the player more controls for the tone in any mode.

    All models also come with sweepable midrange control option that Marcus Miller advocates as a must have option. The middle frequency control knob allows the player to set sound frequency anywhere between 200HM~1K HZ. This option will be very handy in finding the desired sound.


    Jazz bass type is the industry standard bass model with its signature vintage sound. This is an all around bass that is suitable for fingering, slap and all techniques and style of playing. With both classic and modern feel and design, this new base can produce the desired sound for any genres of music from soft to strong metal grunge music.


    Premium swamp ash tone wood is usually found in higher priced instruments. Swamp ash tone wood is known to produce a well balanced tone. It is highly resonant and offers a nice balance of pleasant highs, firm lows, and a slightly scooped midrange which is great for slap playing. The characteristics of this wood enable players to emulate Marcus Miller’s tone a step further.

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Expert professionals at Chuck Levins.

The V7 M miller bass on passive mode is outstanding. When the preamp is engaged it’s a MONSTER. The ability to control the tones and highs and lows it amazing.

Nicholas Teixeira

Sire Marcus Miller V7 Vintage

Fantastic Bass! I love the feel and sound of this Sire Vintage 4 String. I did have to raise the E and the A strings around a millimeter each due to slight Buzzing and the 1st thru 3rd frets. Other than That Perfect in every way. Sounds Clean after adjustment. Sweeping Midrange and Pre-amp allows me to boost or cut my volume and tone in every way possible without walking to the amp.... Was shipped in a timely manner without a scratch. This Bass is an incredible **** for your buck.