Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schilke

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schilke

Schilke P5-4BG Piccolo Trumpet

Special Order Item - Please Allow Extra Time For Delivery

    About the Schilke P5-4BG Piccolo Trumpet

    The definitive piccolo trumpet in construction and sound, the Schilke P5-4 is the reference standard for piccolo trumpets in the world today. Characterized by its superior intonation and even “feel” in all ranges, this classic model provides a superior tone quality and is the preferred choice of both the orchestral musician and soloist.

    The Schilke P5-4 sound is the most recorded piccolo sound in performance over the last 30+ years!

    BG “Butler/Geyer” Option

    Additional “Over under” first valve slide saddle & “Over under” third valve slide ring to assist in fine-tuning. This modification was originally produced for Barbara Butler and Charles Geyer, currently Professors of Trumpet at Northwestern University.

    Optional gold plating is available - please call for price.