Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schilke

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schilke

Schilke G1L-4 Four Valve Tuning Bell G Trumpet

    About the Schilke G1L-4 Four Valve Tuning Bell G Trumpet

    The Schilke G1L-4 has a fourth valve which adds a fourth to the trumpet’s range, similar to that of a standard trombone with F-attachment.

    This instrument is extremely versatile, and is ideal for solo playing when a broader sound than a smaller piccolo trumpet is desired. With a standard configuration in G only, the Schilke G1L-4 has a dark, full-bodied, big horn sound, which allows the performer the flexibility to play music as diverse as brass quintet to symphonic orchestral parts.

    The #5 bell is the largest bell in taper and diameter in G offered by Schilke, and is approximately 4 3/8" in diameter. This bell delivers a “broader”, “heftier” sound and is ideal for blending with larger trumpets.

     OPTIONS for Schilke G1L-4:

    (Note that due to the presense of the fourth valve, bell options for the Schilke G1L-4 are not interchangable with those of the G1L)

    #7 Bell In G

    Smaller than the standard #5 bell, the #7 is larger in the throat then the # 8 bell and is approximately 4" in diameter bead to bead.

     #8 Bell In G

    The number #8 bell is the same bell that is standard on the P5-4 piccolo trumpet, and used for a lighter piccolo sound when a G trumpet is required.

     #5 Bell in F w/slides in the key of “F”

     #2 Bell in E

    This bell taper and length will convert the Schilke G1L-4 to E natural when used with F slides.

    Please call to inquire about pricing and/or to order the options above