Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schilke

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schilke

Schilke E3L Tuning Bell Design E-Flat/D Trumpet

    The Schilke E3L Trumpet has been the benchmark for comparison for virtually all other Eb trumpets in the marketplace 

    The detachable tuning bell design is available on all Schilke Bb, C, Eb/D, and G/F custom-built trumpets. By tuning from the bell, the instrument has an improved feel and superior intonation. In general, a tuning bell instrument has a more open or "free" feeling response, mainly in the upper register. The removal of the standard "S" brace on the front section of the bell allows the instrument to resonate or "ring" with greater projection. Because the tuning bell design has less bell bracing, the general response of the instrument feels quicker.

    With the lack of fixed bracing, the tuning bell design is fragile and caution should be used when carrying a tuning bell trumpet in a soft sided case such as a gig bag.

    The SCHILKE E3L Trumpet is the favored choice of nearly every major orchestral musician and soloist in the world today.

    Optional gold plating is available on the SCHILKE E3L Trumpet as well as a Sterling Silver bell - please call for price.