Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schilke

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schilke

Schilke B2 B-Flat Trumpet

    Enjoy the exceptional intonation & outstanding projection of a Schilke B2 B-Flat Trumpet

    Acclaimed for their exceptional intonation, ease in response, and outstanding projection, the Renold O. Schilke designed series of Bb trumpets have set the standard for playability and build quality since their introduction in 1956.

    The classic reverse main tuning slide with full radius bend, mouthpipe design and bore variation help create a responsive, open feel with an overall evenness throughout the range of the trumpet at all dynamic levels.This characteristic design is streamlined, clean and elegant. 

    The Schilke B trumpet model provides a balanced, comfortable playing experience with a superior tone quality.

    The medium large bore model Schilke B2 trumpet is the perfect choice for the performer who desires more resistance than the B1, yet it plays broader and brighter than the model B5.

    Optional gold plating is available for the Schilke B2 B-Flat Trumpet as well as a Sterling Silver bell  - please call for price.