Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schagerl

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schagerl

Schagerl Nodus Bᵇ Trumpet, Silver Plated

Special Order Item - Please Allow Extra Time For Delivery

    Get Some Color with a Schagerl Nodus B-Flat Trumpet

    This Schagerl trumpet has the greatest range of colors of any trumpet I have played, and it is now a logical choice for both classical and jazz soloists that seek an overabundance of tonal nuances. With the right mouthpiece I can easily carry over a Big Band, without losing any tonal beauty. With a bigger mouthpiece the sound  projects a certain "aura", that in a hall feels like a good German rotary trumpet. The leadpipe, bore and bell are so precisly balanced that both economical players and also those who use large amounts of air can feel comfortable on the Nodus. The combination of traditional design concepts and revolutionary production techniques have created a Schagerl trumpet that will excite both artists and the public.

    The Schagerl Nodus trumpet sets a new standard against which all other trumpets will be measured!