Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schagerl

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schagerl

Schagerl Aurora B-Flat/F/G-Flat Bass Trombone

    About Schagerl Aurora Bass Trombones

    Just like the Aurora tenor, the Schagerl Aurora bass trombone possesses thoroughly conical body and therefore has a remarkably light response and exceptional tone.

    During the development process we attempted to reduce the number of screws, posts and solder joints. We experimented with different alloys, metal thicknesses, bell forms and different slide types, all with the idea of creating a great sound.

    The result is a palette of Schagerl Aurora bass trombones - from an orchestral model (with gold brass bell and crown) with a warm, dark sound - to a sizzling big band bass trombone. What remains the same with all Schagerl Aurora Trombone models is the simple, even response in all registers, and especially with Hagmann Valve, an unusually even blow. These advantages make the Schagerl Trombones fun to play even in challenging literature, because I can play through large intervals, fast runs or apeggios with an even air stream. Through experience I have found that the light resistance of the Schagerl Aurora bass trombone allows me to complete longer phrases than are normally possible on the average bass trombone, on which the air disappears all too quickly.

    Addtitionaly, the freely vibrating bell allows me to produce a huge spectrum of tonal colors that can be used in chamber music and by solo performances.

    The Schagerl "Aurora" models were developed in cooperation with trombonists of the Vienna Symphoniker, Otmar Gaiswinkler and Wolfgang Pfistermüller, who also assisted with the development of the Schagerl alto trombone. 

    The Schagerl "Aurora" bass trombone come with two slide options:

    Dual-Bore: 14.28/14.68 mm (0.562"/0.578")

    Cylindrical: 14.2 mm

    The unique aspect of this horn is that the tuning slide is placed on the main slide.The body can then be of one-piece. It is continuously conical, made entirely of yellow brass, and with the Hagman Free Flow Valve, it is a particularly light blowing horn.

    The Schagerl Aurora B-Flat/F/G-Flat Bass Trombone is a Special Order Item: Please allow extra time for delivery.