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Schagerl 14" x 5" Berlin Philharmonic Signature Snare Drum - Calf Head

Get Superior Tone And Craftsmanship That Will Serve As A Rhythmic Anchor For Any Orchestra - The Schagerl 14" x 5" Berlin Philharmonic Signature Snare Drum - Calf Head

Schagerl Instruments is now one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality and custom brass instruments in the world. We are excited to announce that Schagerl Drums is the newest incarnation of this dedication to excellence. 

The Schagerl Berlin Philharmonic Signature Snare Drum is best described as a practical collector's item. Its gorgeous raw finish copper shell is unlacquered allowing it to age over time. Each drum will develop a patina completely unique to its environment, which means it would look great as a collector's item.  However, this drum is meant to be played, and played a lot. The shell is drastically cambered to product tympanic resonance and depth. The brass tube lugs only make contact with the shell at a single point, which also enhances resonance. There are 3 bundles of 3 cable snare wires that are all independently adjustable using the Pearl concert style strainer. Players can dial in the precise amount of buzz required from each bundle while retaining the option to globally adjust all bundles. Finally, the natural calf head is one of the most sensitive in the industry ensuring that even during the most pianissimo pieces, the snare remains true and responsive. 

Jan Schlichte (Berliner Philharmoniker) on his Schagerl Snare Drum:

"The cambered construction of the snare drum has a great resonance and an enormous depth."

Each Schagerl Berlin Philharmonic Signature Snare Drum comes with a custom padded soft case and a drawstring velvet bag/polish cloth.

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