Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Ray Farr

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Ray Farr

Ray Farr Signature Flugelhorn

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    Get A Flugelhorn Designed By Pros For Pros With The Ray Farr Signature Flugelhorn


    Truly one of the most in tune flugelhorns that we have seen.


    In a brass band, the flugel horn is part of the horn section and it either doubles up with the solo horn, or is heard as the highest voice. Therefore, the tone of the flugel should be mellow and rich to match with the middle of the band. The Ray Farr Signature Flugel does have a good tone, especially in the lower and middle registers. Also, you can hear all the clarity coming through when double and triple tonguing or playing technical passages, unlike other flugels where sometimes it can get lost. It is remarkably free-blowing in the middle and lower registers.


    The designer, Chris Waters, has changed the design of the instrument. The valve case is now the same side of the bell as a cornet.  The size of the bell is a lot larger than most flugel horns, which is great for amplifying the sound, and the valves are great too, really slick and fast.  The instrument is also Bell Stayless - a strong tapered ferrule enabling both ends of the main bow and bell to butt totally, proving the strongest of joints that enables forceful mute twisting insertion / withdrawal.


    A very good instrument and a design.  The intonation is the best that I have ever played, which I feel the other leading flugels haven’t mastered yet.