Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Paul Reed Smith

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Paul Reed Smith

PRS 2013 S2 Custom 24 Birds Electric Guitar - Rosewood Fingerboard


    Pick Up This Killer Axe, Affordably Made For Playability And Tone Without Sacrificing Quality - The PRS 2013 S2 Custom 24 Birds Electric Guitar

    The S2 Custom 24 takes the original PRS guitar, the Custom 24, and re-imagines it with stripped-down features and a new aesthetic. Retaining the classic maple top/mahogany back combination, with our classic body shape and a new asymmetrical beveled top, this guitar is resonant with a funky familiarity. Its versatility comes from its custom-wound pickups and 3-way blade switch. Familiar for PRS players of old, and a fresh take for players of all types.


    When designing, sourcing, and building the S2 Series, PRS was excited to build quality instruments that were both inspired by the Core line but also truly new for PRS. Along with designing the instruments, they designed new manufacturing techniques. This new streamlined process reduced the amount of manufacturing hours with no compromise to the integrity of the instruments.


    Neck construction: On the PRS S2 series, the neck begins with a quartersawn mahogany neck blank. That blank is cut, the headstock is scarfed, and the heel is built up using a plain splice. (A scarf joint is made up of two pieces of wood that are cut at complementary angles and glued together. A plain splice is a joining of two pieces of wood in the same line). These construction methods allow them to start with a smaller amount of raw materials, and the increased glue surface area results in a very strong joint. In addition to this technique, they also fret and radius the fretboard before joining it to the neck, which results in a very efficient, cohesive manufacturing process that creates a durable, comfortable, playable neck.

    New finish process: The entire S2 Series incorporates a new finish system where the color coat is embedded under a polyester basecoat and completed with an ultra–thin layer of acrylic urethane topcoat.