Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Paul Reed Smith

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Paul Reed Smith

PRS Hollowbody II Piezo 10 Top Guitar - Charcoal Cherry Burst

    Get Hollowbody Warmth, Solidbody Sustain And Acoustic Tones From A PRS Hollowbody II 10 Top Piezo Guitar In Charcoal Cherry Burst

    If you're also a solidbody player, you're going to feel right at home with a Hollowbody II. The PRS Hollowbody II is built like no other guitar and handles it all; to top it off, this Charcoal Cherryburst Custom Color just looks sweet.

    Instead of the center block that runs top to bottom through semi-hollow guitar bodies, the Hollowbody II features only a small block that anchors the bridge. This proprietary PRS construction gives you the warm resonance of a full hollowbody with the clarity, sustain, and rock-solid stability of a semi — all in a comfortable thin-profile instrument. Add in the variety of tone afforded by the acoustic possibilities of the piezo electric pick, and there is really nothing to stop your musical growth.


    The PRS/LR Baggs piezo pickup system on the Hollowbody II Piezo 10-Top gives you access to the natural acoustic sound of its hollow construction. A control knob lets you blend in the sound of this pickup with the sound of the Hollowbody II's humbuckers, adding a woody quality and extra sustain to your tone. There's also a separate output next to the Hollowbody II's main output that lets you send just the sound of the piezo pickup to an acoustic amplifier.


    Why does the PRS Hollowbody II Piezo 10-Top feel "just right" when you pick it up? Once you wrap your hand around this particular neck, you won't want to let go. Neck shapes have always been a high priority for PRS and a hallmark of their quality. A guitar should feel comfortable, like "home," as soon as you pick it up, and the neck is paramount to that connection.

    It's all about the satisfying shape of this neck, an updated wide-fat neck carve based on Paul Reed Smith's original, pre-factory neck design - and the same one used on instruments he'd handbuilt back in the 1970s and '80s for Carlos Santana, Peter Frampton, and Howard Leese of Heart.