Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Pioneer Pro DJ

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Pioneer Pro DJ

Pioneer DJ DDJSR Portable 2-Channel Performance DJ Controller

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    Get A DJ Controller You Can Take Anywhere With The The Pioneer DJ DDJSR Portable 2-Channel Performance DJ Controller

    The Pioneer DDJ-SR takes advantage of Serato DJ's T full capability, ensuring its layout of knobs and buttons are exceptionally easy-to-use with the software. The Performance Pads are large rubber pads located below the big jog wheel that provide hot cue , roll, slicer and sampler functions. Each soft-touch rubber pad illuminates in blue to enable users to tap the pad(s) quickly for each effect, with the output volume varying depending on the strength of each tap.

    The Pioneer DDJ-SR DJ Controller features two large jog wheels for precise scratching and mixing capabilities. The resistance for each jog wheel was fined tuned to provide users with the best "feel" and the shortest latency. 

    2-Channel Mixer -- The built-in 2-channel mixer on the Pioneer DDJ-SR is ideal for scratch performances. The mixer can also be used with four decks using the "deck select" buttons located on each side of the controller. In addition, the unit features a "Cross Fader Reverse" switch to enable the left and right decks to be controlled from opposite sides. 


    This controller is constructed from premium materials and audio circuitry. Its robust build ensures durability, while the distinctive styling and aluminium jog wheel deliver a professional feel.


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    Simply connect the controller to your computer using the provided USB cable.