Paiste 2002 Swish Ride Cymbal

Cymbal Size

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    Pick Up Energetically Bright, Shimmering Tone With A Paiste 2002 Swish Ride Cymbal

    The Paiste 24" 2002 Swish Ride Cymbal brings a medium bright, full, energetic, sizzling, exotic tone. Wide range, complex mix. Giving, responsive feel. Strong, earthy ping with silvery highs over an energetic, exotic wash. Swelling to explosive, trash infused crash sound. Large cymbal with immense sound capacity and an extensive range of dynamics, being fully controllable at various volume levels. "This 24" Swish Ride is the perfect complementary ride to my setup. I use it directly to the right of my 24" Deep Ride. It has all the characteristics for today's music." - John "JR" Robinson