Paiste Day Masterclass Double Header w/Mike Dawson & Dmitri Fantini Ticket - June 15th

    Two Masterclass, One Epic Day! Join The Chuck's Drum Experts For Paiste Cymbals Day Along With Two Epic Master Classes

    Tickets are available for $20 each for access to both workshops!

    • 12p - 1:30p - Mike Dawson Master Class
    • 2:30 - 3:30 - Dimitri Fantini Master Class


    There’s a plethora of educational material out there to help improve technical skills on the drumset, but there aren’t that many resources that help guide you through the process of transforming existing exercises into new ideas that you can call your own. This workshop will focus on several methods that I’ve developed that have helped me discover my own voice and be more expressive on the drumset. We will be exploring ways to get the most out of simple stickings and basic independence exercises via a combination of focused practice and improvisation. I will also be explaining how I use loops and other electronics to inspire more musical playing. 

    This will be a hands-on master class, so be sure to bring a pad and sticks! (Mike Dawson bio below)


    A multi-instrumental music major and from Cab Calloway School of the Arts and a Paiste Endorsee, Dimitri brings his experience and expertise in Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop to Chuck Levin's for a unique and in-depth Drumming Workshop.


    Michael Dawson is an active NYC-area live and session drummer, music educator, and managing editor for Modern Drummer Magazine, the world’s most widely read magazine exclusively for drummers. Dawson also produces and co-hosts the popular weekly podcast, The Modern Drummer Podcast With Mike and Mike, along with renowned online educator/clinician Mike Johnston. 

    Additionally, Dawson serves as book editor for Modern Drummer Publications, with most recent releases including Progressive Drumming Essentials by metal drummer/educator Aaron Edgar, Rhythm and Chops Builders and Stick Technique by rudimental drumming specialist Bill Bachman, and Exercises in African-American Funk by top touring drummer Jonathan Joseph and University of Miami faculty member Steve Rucker. In the pages of MD, Michael has authored dozens of artist features, educational columns, and product reviews. 

    Dawson has a bachelor’s degree in music education from West Virginia University and a master’s degree in music from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He’s a senior lecturer in music journalism at the UArts, and he operates the recording facility Elohino out of his home in New Jersey, where he tracks drums remotely for artists around the globe. Michael recently began subbing for the drumset chair in the Broadway musical The Lion King.


    Dimitri was given a set of drums for his first birthday, and that’s when his musical journey began. Initially, he was self taught, playing along to records until the age of eleven when he began studying with Woody Sutton, who was a student of Chester Thompson—best known as the drummer for Genesis and Phil Collins. The knowledge Woody passed on helped Dimitri to build a foundation of technique, independence, and musicality on the drums.

    Dimitri went on to study percussion, piano, and music theory at Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington, Delaware, one of the most selective public schools in the United States. It was at this time he started gaining experience performing in many situations, including concert bands, marching band competitions, and multiple gigging jazz groups. After graduating Dimitri focused on studio recording, engineering, and composition, perfecting his craft both on and off the drum kit.

    Today, Dimitri can be found performing and recording in a wide variety of situations, all drawing on his lifetime of musical experience. You can find him in jazz and R&B settings playing festivals with Cynthia Marie and touring with Liz Vice, in funk and hip hop settings with his own duo Smile and Wave, and producing and collaborating on music with a wide variety of artists.

    Dimitri's passion for music and rhythm motivates him to share with others. In clinics and with his students, he shares his experience and insights on everything from music theory and composition, to all manners of rhythmic concepts and drum set techniques.