Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Ortofon

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Ortofon

Ortofon DIGITRACK CC TWIN Turntable Cartridges

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    About the Ortofon Digitrack CC Twin Turntable Cartridges

    The Ortofon DigiTrack responds to the next generation of turntable DJs who make extensive use of timecoded vinyl applications, such as Traktor Scratch, MixVibes, Virtual DJ, Serato, and more.  DigiTrack's low wear design and tailored frequency response increase the lifespan of timecoded vinyl records, and provides high quality sound reproduction for playing conventional vinyl records as well. Ortofon DigiTrack also features excellent groove-handling capabilities for scratch and mix performance, as well as increased output voltage for improved TCV performance and better sound quality from your mixer's phono preamps.

    The Concorde DigiTrack Twin includes two cartridges with attached styli as well as a locking-clasp flight case.