Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Motion Sound

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Motion Sound

Motion Sound KBR-3D Stereo 3D 200 Watt Keyboard Amp (2x10in Speakers) w/ Rotary Horn

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    Get The Legendary Rotary Tone With A Tube Driven Amp That Can Do It All From Synths To Organs - The Motion Sound 200 Watt Stereo 3D Keyboard Amp (2x10in Speakers) w/ Rotary Horn

    Need swirlicious organ sounds that only a real mechanical rotary speaker system can provide. The Motion Sound KBR-3D Keyboard Amp sports two stereo channels: Hi-Fidelity (for synths, pianos, etc.) and Rotary (for organ). A 12AX7 in the preamp stage lets you dial in the preferred amount of tube grit. You get tons of control over your sound, including a 3D spatial expander that greatly expands your stereo image, and an included footswitch that lets you control rotor speed. Factor in its curb weight of only 70 pounds, and the Motion Sound KBR-3D makes an ideal gigging keyboard amp.

    As you might surmise from the company name, Motion Sound specializes in this stuff. Quite a few of our keyboard-playing Sales Engineers swear by these amps, because they make them sound great and offer tons of versatility. Motion Sound has equipped the KBR-3D with two stereo channels - Hi-Fidelity, for pristine amplification of your stage piano and synthesizers, and Rotary, for those delicious, swirlicious organ sounds you crave. Between the two, you've got any gig or studio session covered.

    The KBR-3D sounds fantastic, and it gives you a ton of control over your sound. It sports a 12AX7 in its preamp stage, letting you dial between squeaky-clean and crunchy tube overdrive - and all points in between. You also get a contour control (4-7khz) that lets you emulate the frequency response of vintage rotary speakers. The Post Gain pot controls the volume of the rotary horns and low-rotor simulator. The Stereo simulator is mixed into the Hi-Fidelity channels. Two microphones are built in with level controls mixed into the XLR line outputs. It all adds up to one stunning keyboard amp!