Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Miktek Audio

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Miktek Audio

Miktek C7e Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern FET Condenser

The Miktek C7e, multi-pattern, large diaphragm FET condenser will impress the most critical listeners and inspire artists to create their best performance. The microphone’s pick-up characteristic is selectable; offering cardioid, omni and bidirectional patterns. In addition, the Miktek C7e employs a high-pass filter and –10dB pad for recording loud sound sources.

The frequency response is warm on the bottom and silky-sweet on the top, yet at the same time, the midrange is natural and open. The microphone produces amazing results when recording acoustic instruments, guitar amps, or as overheads on a drum kit. But of course, the Miktek C7 really excels on vocal applications.

The Miktek C7e utilizes the new MK7 capsule developed by Miktek engineers, featuring dual 1-inch diaphragms made using 5-micron Mylar with a 0.4-micron layer of evaporated gold. Diaphragms are then precisely tensioned, mounted to carefully- tuned backplates, and finally set back-to-back, with electronic isolation, to create the finished capsule.

MK7 Dual 1-inch Capsule 5-micron Mylar, Evaporated Gold Diaphragms

Cardioid, Omni and Bi-directional Pick-up Patterns

High-pass Filter & -10dB Pad Switches

Variable Capsule Bias Voltage: 48 – 60v

AMI T7 Transformer

Individual Serialized Frequency Response Graph

Wood Presentation Case with Swivel-mount, Shock-mount and rugged aluminum Carrying Case

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