Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Mackie

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Mackie

Mackie Reach Professional PA System

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    Get Quality, Control, and Convenience With The The Mackie Reach Professional PA System

    The Mackie Reach is the ultimate all-in-one professional PA system with complete wireless control and audio streaming that delivers high-fidelity, room-filling sound via its ARC high-frequency array technology and built-in EarShot personal monitoring system.  Reach also features an intuitive 6-channel digital mixer with a professional sound-enhancing toolkit including EQ, FX, voicing modes and more.


    Mackie’s ARC technology, or Amplified Radial Curve, is centered on its unique, vertically spaced multi-tweeter array combined with its two 6.5″ low-frequency drivers for full range horizontal coverage of an ultra-wide 150 degrees.  Reach packs 720 Watts of DSP driven acoustic perfection, with enough output and clarity to reach every audience member in the room.


    Reach’s EarShot personal monitoring system provides artists and presenters alike with an on-stage monitoring solution consisting of two built-in full range monitors which allow users to engage left, right, both or neither stage monitor, along with separate volume control that can be controlled independently from the main array.  This incredibly flexible system allows users to position Reach anywhere on stage and monitor from either side.  Additionally, each EarShot monitor adds an additional 50 degrees of horizontal coverage, extending Reach’s total coverage potential to a massive 250 degrees, giving it the widest coverage pattern on the market.


    One of the other innovative and extremely useful features of the Mackie Reach PA System is its wireless audio streaming and mixing control.  Simply sync any Bluetooth device to start streaming music for backing tracks during live sets or break music in between.  Additionally, iOS and Android users can also access all of Reach’s on-board digital mixing and processing features using the Mackie Connect™ app.  With Connect, users have control over everything from levels EQ, and selection of up to 16 different FX including reverbs choruses and delays, to sound-shaping tools like a built-in feedback eliminator, application-specific EQ and even 3 fully customizable user presets to save the entire setup for instant recall. 


    Reach also features all the right connections for your next gig, including 4 combination XLR and ¼” inputs for connecting vocal mics, guitars and other instruments as well as stereo mini input for a hard-wired connection to laptops, phones or line-level instruments like a keyboard or drum machine.  The headphone jack lets you plug in a pair of headphones and mute the loudspeaker for silent practice at home.  There’s also a footswitch jack used to turn effects on and off during performances.  And finally, the Link I/O jacks allows users to connect to another Reach to expand their system into a fully integrated stereo PA with more power, more inputs and even greater coverage.