Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Kickport

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Kickport

Kickport DSKP2R Gen 2 Kickport Bass Drum Enhancer - Red

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    Get More Low End From Any Kick Drum With The Kickport Gen 2 Bass Drum Enhancer - Red

    A kick drum is meant to provide the rhythmic anchor for the music. It should hit you in the chest and be felt and heard through the rest of the band.  Kickports provide that extra bit of low end that most of us are searching for in our kick drums. The Generation 2 Kickport has a wider opening for even more low end and more flexible mic placements. It also features a stiffer retaining ring to avoid wear. Now the Kickport comes in multiple colors.

    The Kickport brings out more of the subsonic frequencies from your drum achieving a more natural and impactful tone. Best of all with with only a single moving part and nothing to power it will work great on any gig or recording session, whether or not you are miking the drum.