Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Intellijel

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Intellijel

Intellijel Quadrax 3U Eurorack Module

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    Take Your Modular To The Next Level With The Intellijel Quadrax 3U Eurorack Module

    The Intellijel Quadrax provides four independent channels that can be configured to a range of functions. All four of the channels can be configured differently or combined to create complex multi-stage envelopes that trigger from the previous channels end-of-rise or end-of-fall.

    Various envelope functions can be applied to each of the CV-controllable channels, providing a range of modulation options. For each of these, curve shape and length can be altered. A pulse burst generator mode creates a finite repeated function with multiple control parameters including ascending or descending volume. Burst length, number and shape are also controllable. The final function is an LFO mode that can be used freely or beat synchronised via the channels trigger input. This can be used to control both the frequency and waveshape of the generated signal.


    • Four independent, CV-controllable channels
    • Each channel can be configured to perform multiple functions
    • an AD (Attack, Decay) envelope
    • an AHR (Attack, Hold, Release) envelope
    • a cycling envelope (resulting in a unipolar LFO)
    • a pulse burst generator (Finite repeated functions that ascend or descend in amplitude)
    • a morphing, bipolar beat syncable LFO
    • Each envelope features a continuously variable response curve
    • Burst mode generatings rising and falling pulses, perfect for risers and transitions
    • LFO mode provides control for the frequency and waveshape
    • LFO mode features a unique morphing feature – creating numerous versions of the select waveshape for interesting sonic results
    • Built-in CV matrix
    • Retains current state, even when power is removed for quick and easy recall


    • Module Size: 14HP
    • Depth: 38mm
    • Current Draw: 106mA @ +12V / 9mA @ -12V
    • Product Code: QUADRAX-3U