Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Heil Sound

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Heil Sound

Heil HDK-7 Professional Drum Pack - 7 piece

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    .The Heil HDK drum kit series is a culmination of over 2 years spent on the road with leading drummers. They gave us their ideas, their dreams and their needs which we turned into reality. Every component of a drum kit needs special attention when it comes to reproducing the sound accurately. There are many drum microphones out there but the artists that helped design the Heil drum microphones wanted more accuracy, not just level. Each one of them were tired of little plastic toys that did not reproduce well. They all agreed, after hearing and using the new technologies of the Heil drum microphones, that they had never heard this level of quality reproduction.

    The PR 48 kick drum microphone starts with our 1.5” large diaphragm dynamic element sealed in a vulcanized shock mount and fed with a specially designed low pass filter that creates a 10 dB rise from 60 to 100 Hz. – right where the kick drum resonates. We then stay out to 7.5 kHz and drop off drastically to eliminate any unwanted internal sounds. The total frequency response is 30 Hz - 8.5 kHz (4dB rise @ 4500Hz). Its rear rejection is -40dB @ 180° off axis. It can handle +148dB SPL.

    The large diaphragm end fire PR 30B is used for overhead cymbal microphone. Because of its -40 dB side and rear rejection it is perfect for an 'Underhead' cymbal microphone which then exhibits tremendous transient and frequency response of the cymbals. The PR 30B can handle + 146 dB SPL with a frequency response of 40 Hz - 18 kHz.

    The PR 28 is the premier drum microphone designed for toms, snares, bongo and many other applications The tight cardioid pattern with a wide frequency response and stellar rear rejection makes the PR 28 suitable for many other applications. A unique dual suspension system between the actual dynamic element and the grill and body reduce unwanted vibrations. The PR 28 has a frequency response of 55Hz - 18kHz (3dB rise @3500Hz). Its rear rejection is -35dB @ 180° off axis. It can handle +148dB SPL.

    The PR 22 is second to none for snare drum and hi hat. The huge rear rejection, focused front pattern and slight frequency rise exactly where the snare reso- nates makes a Heil PR 22 the perfect microphone for snare and hi hats. The PR 22 has a frequency response of 50 Hz - 18 kHz (-55dB @ 1000Hz). Its rear rejec- tion is -30dB @ 180° off axis. It can handle +142dB SPL.