Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Gibson

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Gibson

Gibson Memphis ES-175 Figured Reissue Hollow Body Electric Guitar - Antique Natural

    Get The King Of The Jazz Boxes - The Gibson Memphis ES-175 Figured Reissue Hollow Body Electric Guitar In Antique Natural

    The Gibson ES-175 hollowbody electric guitar first debuted in 1949. It was an immediate favorite among jazz and bop guitarists like Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass for its huge sound and versatile electronics, and the guitar has also found favor through the years with players in rock, pop, and blues. This ES-175 Figured sets itself apart from these vintage instruments with a beautiful figured maple top and updated pickup designs that give you the same PAF-type tone without the drawbacks of some vintage pickup designs.

    This Gibson Memphis ES-175 Figured hollowbody electric guitar is a great choice for the discerning guitarist who wants the best and wants it to look stunning. The ES-175 has long been the king of archtop jazz box electric guitars for its singing warmth and articulate tone. The ES-175 Figured takes that design and dresses it up with beautifully figured maple for the top, back, and sides. Players as legendary as Steve Howe, Joe Pass, and Pat Metheny have helped define the sound of jazz on guitars just like this ES-175 Figured.


    The deeply figured maple used for the ES-175 Figured's top, back, and sides is a testament to the quality and attention to detail that this instrument is made with. The aesthetic appointments continue with striking binding that outlines every part of the guitar except for the iconic Gibson headstock. And mother-of-pearl split-parallelogram inlays are expertly inlaid in the rich rosewood fretboard.


    The voice of a great ES-175 is warm, round, clear, and articulate. The hollow construction adds woody overtones to your sound, while the maple tonewood brings out extra note definition and attack. A pair of Gibson's popular '57 Classic humbucking pickups are installed in the ES-175 Figured to pay homage to the guitar's vintage PAF character. And the two volume, two tone, and 3-way pickup selector package gives you access to all of the different tonal shades that Gibson have made an industry standard for decades.