Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of FXpansion

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of FXpansion

FXpansion Etch - Digital Delivery

    Get Unbelievable Control In A Powerful Plugin With The FXpansion Etch - Digital Delivery

    Etch is a versatile dual filtering effect with 4 switchable circuit models, additional distortion, compression and an intuitive, powerful modulation system. Animate Etch's parameters with internal LFOs and other modulators to create exciting, evolving effects. Etch is great for subtle warming, deep sculpting, wild sweeps and experimental sonics.

    Etch's DSP algorithms are based on DCAM circuit-modelling technology and run at 2x oversampling with an optional Hi Def 4x option. The plugin also provides convenient features such as a secondary side-chain input and full MIDI control in compatible hosts.


    As well as multimode Sallen-Key and state-variable filter designs, Etch features an OTA-array model with numerous additional combinations and inversions of responses to produce unconventional, exciting filters that take your sounds to new places. Also included is a comb filter for psychedelic chorus/phaser textures and insane sounds from outer space. All 4 filter algorithms are capable of audio-rate cutoff FM from the internal LFOs or from an external audio source.


    The internal TransMod modulation system lets you easily concoct fiendish ways of manipulating Etch's parameters. Modulators like the 2 LFOs, sample & hold and envelope follower can modulate each other as well as virtually any parameter within Etch. Travel through wild modulation setups to find sweet spots with the XY controller or create performance-based triggered filters with the MIDI note-triggered envelope - you can even make each note trigger a random filter response.