Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of FXpansion

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of FXpansion

FXpansion DCAM Dynamics - Digital Delivery

    Comprehensively Shape Your Sound With FXpansion DCAM Dynamics - Digital Delivery

    DCAM Dynamics offers a variety of different flavours of high-quality circuit-modelled dynamics processing. The included plugins are perfect for everything from taming tricky transients to heavy, creative sculpting effects and everything in between. Classic console bus compression and channel limiting amp processors are provided alongside a transient shaper and frequency-selective compressor making DCAM Dynamics a great all-purpose dynamics toolbox.

    All 4 DCAM Dynamics processors feature saturation circuits, built-in MIDI learn functionality and a variety of monitoring 'listen' modes. DCAM Dynamics operates at 2x oversampling, with a switchable Hi Def mode for 4x oversampling with extremely high quality results.


    DCAM BusComp is based on a classic bus compressor from the centre section of a well-known British large format mixing console. Stunning analogue modelling and additional saturation circuitry makes this processor perfect for gelling sub-groups, drum buses or even the entire mix. It is also extremely effective as a track compressor for individual channels.


    DCAM ChanComp provides an enhanced model of a FET-based limiting amplifier channel compressor. It offers slamming fast attacks and gritty analogue tones perfect for drums, bass, vocals and many other types of program material. Its signal bias control dials between several circuit revisions to provide a variety of types of character.


    DCAM EnvShaper provides a different approach to dynamics processing than conventional compressors and gates. It allows you to individually adjust the attack and sustain portions of transients within complex audio material. Its uses range from controlling amounts of reverb in a mixed signal, reducing drumkit bleed without using a noise gate or just as a simple and easy way of increasing punch in your tracks.


    DCAM CrossComp can be used for new approaches to achieving loudness and tone sculpting without destroying the fidelity of your signal and without using complicated multibands or dynamic EQs. It features a high-quality crossover which splits the input signal into two frequency bands, one of which is routed through the compression circuit. The compressed output can then be mixed back with the other frequency band or with the entire input signal.