Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Focal Professional

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Focal Professional

Focal ALPHA 50 Active Nearfield Monitor (Single)

    Get Music That's Is Rich In Bass Which Requires High Power Reserves, Particularly Ideal For Producing - The Focal ALPHA 50 Active Nearfield Monitor (Single)

    Alpha 50, the most compact of the line, is equipped with a 1" (25mm) tweeter and a 5" (13cm) woofer. It features a 20W amplifier for the tweeter and a 35W amplifier for the woofer, and has a frequency response of 45Hz to 22kHz (+/-3dB). It is perfectly adapted for confined spaces.

    The Alpha range is specifically designed for the music production industry. Right from the early stages of R&D, particular attention was paid to ensure the studio monitors could be integrated into very diverse environments, both in terms of size and acoustic quality. The versatility of the studio monitors was reinforced by the capability of each loudspeaker to reveal the slightest details of the mix for all styles of music.

    Alpha features Focal technologies such as the Aluminum inverted dome tweeter and the Polyglass cone woofer, resulting in a very precise and wide sound stage. The bass frequencies are always controlled and the midrange frequencies are characterised by remarkable neutrality. As regards the double AB amplification, it ensures the dynamics are respected and allows for high SPL levels, giving endless possibilities. Finally, the bass reflex design with large double front ports enable the studio monitor to be installed near a wall whilst ensuring maximum stability of the tonal balance.