Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Eventide

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Eventide

Eventide H9000 Audio Effects Processor

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    A New High-Water Mark In Power, Connectivity, And Creativity - The Eventide H9000 Audio Effects Processor

    An all-new network-ready, 16-DSP, multi-channel, rackmount audio effects processing flagship, featuring eight times the processing power of the current-generation H8000 to continue the Eventide's unbroken cycle of delivering industry-leading signal processing power to the pro audio community.

    The culmination of a multi-year development cycle, the H9000 features four quad core ARM processors serving as 16 DSP engines, eight channels of pristine analog audio I/O, AES/EBU, ADAT, 16 USB audio channels, and, optionally, connection to standard audio networks, including MADI, Dante, Ravenna, and more.

    Multichannel processing makes the H9000 a suitable platform for surround sound and for processing several tracks of audio simultaneously. On top of that, the H9000 introduces the concept of FX CHAINS, allowing users to connect any set of four effects with flexible routing. FX CHAINS can be created to act as a voice channel, a guitar ‘pedal board’, or a modular synth with effects, etc.

    The H9000’s remote control application, emote, is available for users working ‘in the box’ or over an audio network. emote is available as a standalone app for Mac and PC, and as an AU, VST, and Pro Tools plug-in.


    One would think upon hearing about the extent of the H9000’s abilities (e.g. FX chains, network audio, remote app) that it would be a menu-diving nightmare to get it to spit out a hall reverb, but the intuitive interface allows you to tailor your sound easily and efficiently. The entire interface is laid out right in front of your eyes.You can fly through the menus by using the main buttons (Parameters, Algorithms, etc.) in conjunction with the unlabeled side menu buttons that correspond to each menu shift. Placing a reverb algorithm in an effects chain is as easy as: ALGORITHMS [main button], ENTER [Check button], TAGS [side button], REVERB and pick your favorite. Done!


    2017 presets, to be exact. There’s nothing wrong with just picking something and going with it, however. It’s hard to mess things up when there are so many presets in the factory memory to choose from. Some of these presets are holdouts from the H8000, DSP4000, and H3000, and some are hot off the press from the H9 Harmonizer.

    Presets are a good way to get started, but the H9000 has a new “randomize parameters” function - an option in an effects unit that I’ve daydreamed about for years now. If you want some new spice for your favorite preset, just mix it up and see what happens.


    The H9000 does not mess around in terms of connectivity, either. The unit is intended to be fully modular with as many connections as you would like to add.