Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of EarthQuaker Devices

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices Dunes V2 Mini Mega Ultimate Overdrive Pedal

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    Maximize Your Tone With The EarthQuaker Devices Dunes V2 Mini Mega Ultimate Overdrive Pedal

    Way back in 2014, EarthQuaker did something they said they would never do. They made a Tubes Creamer. But they didn’t make just any old TS-808 clone - they made the Palisades, the end-all, be-all of transparent mid-boosting overdrives. A Mega Ultimate Overdrive, if you will.

    Lurking inside that massive bedazzled enclosure was every conceivable 808 mod under the sun. And a second gain channel. And a clean boost. They did their rightful duty to you, the musician, by offering you true Freedom of Choice to mix and match clipping diodes and capacitors as you see fit in order to develop your own unique overdriven voice. And you did. All except those few spuds in the back who said to us, “But EarthQuaker Devices, we want Freedom from Choice!” And so they listened. They made a Mini Mega Ultimate Overdrive.

    The Dunes is a condensed take on the highly popular Palisades “808-style” overdrive. They've stripped away all the glitz and glamour of the original Palisades, leaving only the bare essentials required for a rippin’ mid-boosting transparent overdrive. It has all the great tone of the grown-up Palisades but with a simplified interface and a smaller footprint!

    The Dunes features the same Gain, Tone and Level controls as the Palisades, along with their favorite voice and bandwidth settings, as well as the “Normal / Bright” toggle.

    The selectable clipping Voices are: “MOSFET” for a tight crunchy sound (Palisades’ Setting 3); “Silicon” Asymmetrical clipping for tighter light gain OD closest to the classic 808 sound (Palisades’ Setting 4), and “None,” which goes from clean boost to gritty, pure op-amp distortion with a massive volume boost (Palisades’ Setting 1).

    The two Bandwidth settings are “stock” for the classic tone (Palisades’ Setting 3) and “full range” for more low end (Palisades’ Setting 5).

    Each and every Dunes is true-bypass, uses silent relay-based switching, and is built one-at-a-time in sandy Akron, Ohio, USA.