Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Drum Workshop

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Drum Workshop

DW Collector's 4 Piece Drum Set Shell Pack - Satin Oil Cherry - Black Nickel Hardware

Special Order Item - Please Allow Extra Time For Delivery

    About the Drum Workshop Collector's 4 Piece Shell Pack Satin Oil Cherry Finish

    Satin Oil Cherry Over North American Maple Shells in SSC Configuration With Black Nickel Hardware:

    22" x 18" Kick Drum

    16" x 14" Floor Tom with Legs

    12" x 9" Rack Tom with STM Mount

    10" x 8" Rack Tom with STM Mount

    SO# 979020

    About the Drum Workshop Collector's Maple and Birch Series - 

    For years, drum makers have preferred maple and birch for their resonant tonal qualities. Maple is a traditional shell material that provides low-end punch, warmth, and attack.  Available with or without 3-ply reinforcement hoops in a variety of grain configurations, DW custom shop maple shells are more versatile and customizable than ever before. Toms 8-13" are 6-ply, while 14" and bigger are 7-ply. Bass drums are 7-ply and snare drums are 10-ply (with 6-ply reinforcement hoops).  

    DW Custom Shop standard birch shells come without reinforcement hoops and provide a bright, high-end fundamental that many drummers prefer. All birch shells are 8-ply except for 8" toms which are 7-ply.  Standard shells come standard with a short grain inner ply to provide added-low end.  All available SSC shell options can also be custom ordered.