Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Drum Workshop

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Drum Workshop

Drum Workshop DWSMTP50S65 TP50 Rods W/ Receivers, 6.5-Inch Depth, 20-Pack

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    Get A Quality Part For Your Kit With Drum Workshop DWSMTP50S65 TP50 Rods, 6.5-Inch Depth, 20-Pack

    Time-tested True Pitch Tuning™ technology has been around for years. The added thread count gives drummers an expanded tuning range and the advancement has been adopted industry-wide. As DW’s team of craftsmen and designers have continued to improve upon bearing edge cutting techniques, counterhoop consistency, and overall shell making, the time has come for even more control over tuning.

    At fifty threads per inch, these upgraded stainless steel tension rods provide ultra-smooth fine- tuning, allowing for less back-out. Offered on all DW Custom Shop and Eco-X Project™ drums, True Pitch 50 rods and receivers can also be purchased aftermarket to retrofit any set featuring an original-sized DW turret lug.