Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Drum Workshop

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Drum Workshop

Drum Workshop DWSMM7000L Moon Mic

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    The Moon Mic™ features a patented, curved housing and specially-selected diaphragm that delivers warm, accurate bass response. The revolutionary design captures the hard to retrieve resonant frequencies of any bass drum to create a complete tonal spectrum. It’s not just another bass drum microphone, it’s a Moon Mic™.



    A Moon Mic is an acoustic drum resonating head (skin) Microphone! The Moon Mic will revolutionize the way you think about Mic-ing an acoustic drum. The Moon Mic microphone has a very large diaphragm that encompasses a large range of vibrations directly from the resonating head (skin). 

    Positioning the microphone from the center of the drum (LOWS) to the rim (HIGHS) gives you control. Punch, sustain, and decay can be controlled by the distance between skin and microphone. 

    The Moon Mic is designed for bass kick drums or bass instruments with high SPL (sound pressure levels). The Moon Mic specializes in low frequencies. 

    The Moon Mic DK27 microphone comes with a DW mounting stand, allowing the stability, durability, and versatility you've come to expect from DW. 

    No need for an Attenuator (Pad). Moon Mic's low impedance, 250 ohms delivers a smooth signal. 

    The Moon Mic will receive a custom range of frequencies coming from the kick drum without heavy EQ, compression, or any other signal processing. +48V Phantom power not required to operate.



    The chrome cap has a sleek look, but also has a number of functions:

    1. House the diaphragm. 

    2. The microphone's curved relective surface, which houses the diaphragm is designed to diffuse undesirable sound waves (noise) by sending the sound waves in different directions. This apparatus supports the Cardioid Polar Pattern. 

    3. Corrosive Resistant 

    4. Five vent holes in the cap accommodates the air movement from the diaphragm. 

    5. The Moon Mic’s interior back wall has a spherical shape. A spherical shape has only one dimension and thus having a very strong resonant frequency capability. The 8''dirphargm is placed at the mouth of the cavity, this works very well together. A spherical cabinet is capable of delivering an almost perfect frequency response.



    The function of the Inverter Switch is to accomplish absolute polarity. Polarity effects phase by inversion of 180 degrees. This is not a phase shift but, a mirror of positive and negative thus, a high or low air pressure in time. The polarity inverter switch setting is very important to produce the highest sound pressure at the subwoofer. Example: positive pressure in = positive pressure out.

    Basically, this comes in handy when using a dual mic setup on your bass drum; for example, pairing the Moon Mic with an internal May Mic, or External smaller diaphragm mic to capture additional mid and high frequencies of the beater hitting the head. If the sum of the two sounds is not sounding right, try flipping the switch.



    With an 8-inch diaphragm, Dynamic moving coil and a custom passive filter, the DK-27 microphone has an excellent signal to noise ratio. The Moon Mic absorbs resonating true frequencies directly off the front head. The large diaphragm recovers sub low frequencies with amazing tone clarity and "Attack". The "Attack" and punch can be controlled by the size of the port hole sampling. 

    Sustain can be controlled by:

        A) Placement of mic closer to the rim 

        B) Distance, volume, and EQ relationship

        C) Gate

        D) Basic setup of the drum itself and muffling the head