Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Dream Cymbals And Gongs

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Dream Cymbals And Gongs

Dream ERI21 Energy Ride

Cymbal Size

    Cut Through The Mix With The Dream ERI21 21-Inch Energy Ride

    These cymbals are explosive. Made with the same care and craftsmanship as all their cymbals and gongs, the Energy series are exceptionally responsive with longer decays and a broader dynamic range. With a signature unfinished bell and considerably heavier weight, they do not sacrifice warmth or tone for volume.


    A bolt of sonic lightning in each handcrafted cymbal, our Energy line delivers exactly as advertised.

    The Energy Series is characterized by slightly heavier weights over all and un-lathed bells combined with Bliss style Micro lathing. This creates a unique combination of aggressive volume capabilities and nimble handling when required - sort of like a race car.

    The series offers a modern sound palette in a hand hammered cymbal. This bright, hard-hitting line meets the needs of anyone playing primarily in an amplified setting who is looking for a loud, bright, and penetrating quality that will cut through the sound of the rest of the band and deliver the energy of the drummer right to the audience.

    Uniquely, the bell is left un-lathed focusing the weight of the cymbal in and around its center. This results in a cymbal that has a slightly exotic timbre with all the sound qualities that a rock or metal drummer is listening for combined with a raw, unrefined look. ENERGY cymbals are also excellent recording cymbals that will have you sounding great in the studio.