Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Dean Guitars

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Dean Guitars

Dean Z 79 Electric Guitar - Trans Cherry Sunburst W/ Deluxe Hardshell Case

    Rock A Whole New Angle On Creativity And Stand Tall With A Dean Z 79 Guitar In Trans Cherry Sunburst With Deluxe Hardshell Case 

    Some of Rocks' greatest players played Dean to include: ZZ Top, Pantera, Kansas, Iron Maiden, Heart, The Doobie Brothers, Triumph, The Cars, Def Leppard - and that list goes on. 


    For many, it's the outstanding looks, fit and finish that seal the deal. Dean himself stood ever ready to create artist-personalized versions as needed - at heart, always a custom guitar builder. As testament to the build quality of his instruments, nearly all requests were only minor mods to what is already considered by many to be a perfect recipe in strong design.


    The Dean ML, V and Z guitar models boast a balance, naturally created by their respective body shapes, raising the fingerboard upwards - and into what is a near-perfect "classical" hand position. This has freed many the Metal guitarist and other rockers from the cramped hand style holding their technique captive. It ends now.


    You already know that Dean did amazing paint jobs on his guitars to match the audio pyrotechnics of their players - as for Dimebag in Pantera, or Dave Mustaine of Megadeath, or else the more traditionally finished models used by Dave Murray of Iron Maiden. You may know Billy Gibbons played his Dean ML to record ZZ Top's best known Eliminator album - but his Dean love didn't stop there.

    What you may not know - for their Eliminator Tour, Dean Zelinsky constructed a matched pair of Zs for the Top, by request - a Z guitar and a Z bass. He covered both with the sheepskins that Billy G. conveniently had, then painted everything else white, fingerboards and all, leaving only a path up the center for the pickups, tailpiece and strings. During the tour that followed, those fluffy Dean Z guitars set the world agraze.


    The original Dean guitars were first unveiled at the 1977 NAMM show to music dealers and musicians. These guitars embody the high quality materials and craftsmanship usually limited to custom instruments. It has the sort of finish and appointments you would more usually find on more expensive models- and THAT is exactly what put Dean Guitars solidly on the map. 

    This one is New Old Stock - this means it is an unsold new stock model and no longer being built. This dealer inventory has therefore been reduced in price for sale purposes. It represents an excellent value. It will be in play-ready saleable condition - if unboxed prior to sale for demonstration purposes, it may potentially show minimal scuffs on either the guitar or the bag/case; however, this is always considered in establishing a fair price for that particular instrument. Please contact one of our Guitar Experts with any questions.