Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Collings Guitars

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Collings Guitars

Collings Baby2H Rosewood Acoustic Guitar With 1.75" Nut

Special Order Item - Please Allow Extra Time For Delivery

    Expect Big Things From The Collings Baby2H Rosewood Acoustic Guitar With 1.75" Nut. This Collings Guitar is their very smallest model and is that rarity among fractional size guitars - most listeners will never guess that it's not a full-size instrument unless they actually see it being played.

    While lacking the deep bass of larger guitars the tone is remarkably balanced, with quite adequate volume for most applications. The Collings Baby approximates a 3/4 size version of their OM - 12 1/2 inches wide in the lower bout with a 24 1/8 inch scale, with the headstock and bridge both scaled to match.

    The Baby has been used as a travel guitar, but it more often sees duty as a songwriter's tool, the guitar that's ready at a moment's notice and can be played while seated in any comfortable position. The same wide range of woods and options offered on other Collings models are available on the Baby as well, but this rosewood version with a spruce top is still by far the most popular.

    Premium Waverly open gear tuners offer exceptional tuning stability and smooth reliable operation. Herringbone purflings with ivoroid body bindings are a distinctive feature of Colling's 2-style acoustics. A herringbone and tortoise rosette complete the traditional aesthetic. The Baby model features a short 24 1/8 inch scale that creates a warm note attack and a lower tension string feel that lends itself well to a variety of playing styles.

    From the starting point of the wood's density and rigidity, each acoustic guitar top is hand selected, evaluated, and carved to its own unique thickness; maximizing the tonal potential of each top. Each Collings acoustic guitar, from their most affordable model to the highest end, are built with the finest tonewoods available. Each wood is acquired, acclimated, and hand selected by master luthiers at their shop who pick each component with a combination of exacting PLEK machine leveling and hand fret dressing ensures consistently excellent playability and a silky fret feel. By meticulously hand-sanding between coats, their nitrocellulose lacquer finishes measure between .005 and .007 inches in final thickness, maximizing acoustical response while providing excellent protection and aesthetics.