Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Barefoot Sound

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Barefoot Sound

Barefoot Sound MiniMain 12 4 Way Active Studio Monitors - Pair Without Handles


    Shatter Barriers With The Revolutionary Sound Of Barefoot Sound MiniMain 12 4 Way Active Studio Monitors - Pair Without Handles

    The Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 is a 4-way active system with 7 drive units housed in sealed enclosures spanning 20Hz to 40kHz with vanishingly low distortion, breathtaking dynamic range and ultra-fast transient response. Every Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 driver has an under-hung voice coil moving inside an advanced geometry motor that enables it make extremely long linear excursions.

    The Barefoot MiniMain12 ring radiator tweeter is incredibly detailed and produces very wide dispersion out to its highest frequencies. The Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 aluminum cone subwoofers, woofers and midranges radiate as perfect pistons to at least 2.5 octaves beyond their respective bandwidths.

    Barefoot Sound has teamed up with the brilliant Bruno Putzeys of Hypex to develop the powerful and completely transparent amplifier stage of the MM12. Melding the system together is a groundbreaking DSP crossover that has taken Thomas Barefoot more than 4 years to develop. With beautifully designed high end converts and cutting edge proprietary filtering techniques the Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 produces such a seamless and coherent wavefront that, if you dare, you can actually listen to this Barefoot Sound speaker from less than 3 feet away with no sonic compromise. And yes, the Barefoot Sound MM12 works perfectly out to far field distances as well, producing SPLs equivalent to big mains. 

    If all this weren’t enough, the Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 speaker brings yet another revolutionary feature into the mix - MEME™(Multi Emphasis Monitor Emulation™) technology. While no other monitor in the world can match the Barefoot Sound MM12′s linearity and transparency, the Barefoot Sound MM12 actually has the capability to emulate other speakers! Despite the advantages of high resolution monitors, Thomas Barefoot realizes that many engineers still use their NS10M’s † and mix cubes as secondary references. These Barefoot Sound speakers have long traditions and people find them familiar and useful for focusing in on certain aspects of their mix. However, crowding one’s console with those extra boxes degrades the sound field of the primary reference monitors. Not to mention, they are no longer manufactured, they need amplifiers, cable runs, and they consume more studio space.

    So why not make the Barefoot Sound MM12 sound and translate like those speakers as well? With the turn of a knob one can switch from the Barefoot Sound MiniMain12′s brutally revealing “Flat” response to the warmer and sweeter “Hi-Fi” setting, generically emulating the sound of some high end consumer audio gear. More specifically the Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 “Old School” setting closely emulates the sound of the NS10M nearfield, while the MiniMain12 “Cube” setting emulates the mid-centric sound of classic mix cubes.

    The idea is not to perfectly replicate every subtle quirk of these venerable old speakers. That would be impossible. But the Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 can capture the essence of how they behave and translate, modeling their frequency, phase and transient responses, dynamic compression and even some of their distortion components. If you know how to work on these speaker you will feel very comfortable working on the Barefoot Sound MM12′s emulation settings.