Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Audio Ease

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Audio Ease

Audio Ease Altiverb 7 XL Convolution Reverb Plugin

    Audio Ease Altiverb 7 is the industry standard convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows. It uses top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from Sydney Opera House to the cockpit of a Jumbo Jet. Audio Ease Altiverb 7 is efficient on the cpu, offers many parameters to tweak reverb, is total recall automatable, and has 64 bit support. Every month Audio Ease Altiverb 7 users receive new impulse responses for free.

    The Audio Ease Altiverb Library of Acoustics contains the most sought after spaces for music. The main concert halls of the cities of Berlin, Los Angeles Vienna and Amsterdam for your orchestral work. Or legendary rock studios from New York or Paris. But you can also put your audio in French Cathedrals, the Gol Gumbaz of India or London's Wembley stadium.

    Features geared towards audio for picture are: total recall (automation without snapshots), drag and drop impulse response making, making of impulse responses using portable radio or even slates (clapperboards), Audio Ease Altiverb's extensive channel setup flexibility and the keyword-search feature (just type 'bed room' or 'SUV').

    Audio Ease Altiverb 7 ($ 595) is a native stereo in / stereo out AAX Native-RTAS-VST-AU-MAS plug-in that goes up to 96 kHz sampling rate. Audio Ease Altiverb 7 XL ($ 995) adds support for TDM (Mac only), i/o up to 5.1, and sample rates over 96 kHz. Both versions are protected using the iLok 2 usb key, which can be added to any Audio Ease Altiverb 7 purchase at the discounted price of ($ 25).