Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Allen Heath

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Allen Heath

Allen & Heath GS2-R24 24 Channel Studio Recording Mixer

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    About the Allen & Heath GS-R24 Mixer

    Allen & Heath GS-R24 combines refined analogue quality with a choice of analogue or Firewire / ADAT interface modules and MIDI control for your chosen Digital Audio Workstation or recording device. Designed to sit at the heart of a busy project studio, Allen & Heath GS-R24 has the flexibility and audio excellence to enhance the impact of your recordings, whatever your workflow.

    A version with motorised faders, Allen & Heath GS-R24M, is also available. GS-R24M is identical to GS-R24 in all other respects.

    GS-R24 benefits from Allen & Heath’s ultimate pre-amp design to date. Wide bandwidth, super linear, extremely low noise and precisely controllable – the mono channel pre-amps are open, transparent and accurate. Two thermionic valve pre-amp channels can be used where classic 2nd harmonic warmth can be added or if mild overdriven tones are required without harsh clipping.

    With its fully parametric mids, Allen & Heath GS-R24’s EQ provides tremendous corrective and creative equalisation. The Q is continuously variable from 0.8 to 6 and the low mid sweep extends down to a super-low 18Hz for controlled band-pass equalisation at bass frequencies. The circuit implemented ensures low noise contribution and minimal distortion at all settings.

    A choice of Analogue or Firewire 32 x 32 channel interface modules are available to purchase, enabling easy integration with your DAW of choice. The interface can be switched in and out of different points in the channel path allowing for different workflows from dry multi-tracking to mixdown, dubbing, processing effects or even using the Allen & Heath GS-R24 circuitry as analogue plug-ins in your DAW.