Mic Demo Room

Microphone & Mic Demo Room

Mic Demo Room

It’s a singer’s worst nightmare: they step on stage and hit a vocal home run that sounds terrible because they’re using a second-rate microphone. But without having the opportunity to test a mic before a performance, how could they possibly know whether that piece of equipment is suited to their specific musical needs and abilities? Enter our Mic Demo Room, a sound-proof booth—filled with the largest demo variety of rack and 500 series gear—that lets you test your speaking and singing voices across a huge range of the industry’s very best mics.

For your convenience, we have put together several of our more popular Microphone Brands here:

Shure Wired Microphones

Shure Wireless Microphone Systems

Sennheiser D1 Wireless Microphones

Sennheiser Wired Microphones

Sennheiser Wireless Microphones

Not sure which one is right for you? Ask one of our experts to deliver reliable and honest advice, all while helping you test product across an array of high-end processors.

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