Wireless Shure Rebate 600MHz


Save Up To $500 Per Channel On A New Shure Wireless System When You Trade In Your Old 600MHz Wireless Rig

Not all wireless systems are created equal. Older systems that operate in outdated frequency bands are fast becoming illegal to operate in the United States. Several years ago the 700MHz frequency band was auctioned off by the FCC and those wireless systems operating in that range were deemed illegal to operate. Now the 600MHz range on the auction block and consumers need to begin finding replacements for these rigs.


In order to accommodate consumers, Shure is offering a tremendous rebate opportunity for people willing to trade in their old 600MHz wireless systems and purchase a new Shure wireless system. Here is how it works. Use the tool below to check to see if your system is eligible for the trade in promotion. If your system is eligible, the recommended shure model will display. Scroll down to the table of rebates per channel and click on the series that corresponds to your new recommended system and make your purchase. Click Here to fill out your online rebate form then pack and ship your old system to Shure and they will send you a rebate in the mail. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us by phone at 301-946-8808 and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Wireless Line Rebate per Channel
Axient (New Digital Systems Coming Soon) $500
ULXD4D + Transmitters $500
ULXD4Q + Transmitters $500
ULXD4 + Transmitter $250
QLX-D $250
GLX-D $75
GLX-D Advanced (Coming Soon) $100
FP Wireless Systems $50
BLX / BLXR / PGX-D $50
PSM1000 $500
PSM900 $250
PSM300 $100